1 His Mind´s Torment phoenixgirl26918,692
2 Promises Unbroken Series Robin4710,236
3 The Chronicles of the King Shadenight123512,320
4 Rise Of The Wizards Teufel1987480,015
5 Heir Of Morgaine Le Faye Sorcerer´s Muse467,432
6 Promise Series rayrae118451,301
7 Training Series sloth424,937
8 New Marauders Series lopie374,577
9 The Rising Phoenix givesmewings332,934
10 Manifesting Magic TrekTech321,955
11 Amulet Of Era's Gryffindors-Light305,585
12 Blood Traitor Series Sorcerer´s Muse292,394
13 Love Breaks The Noble Spirit Hippothestrowl278,406
14 In Every Darkness Shines A Light WolfMoon277,936
15 Love Of Family Arnel 63271,558
16 Incorruptible, The Dementor's Stigma The Matt Silver264,164
17 That Caleb Nova259,013
18 Other Boy Who Lived Kwan Li251,803
19 Cold Blood DerLaCroix232,750
20 Choices kb0229,080
21 Children Of The Flame Saga Sorcerer´s Muse228,534
22 Practical Magic Works Too Fairywm214,484
23 Potters Stand United Fairywm209,882
24 Imposibility Of Time Travel ChibiChibi204,824
25 The Day The Dursleys Came Tom Hogwarts ordinaryguy2202,313
26 Blood Of Merlin MinyaPunchers183,042
27 The Wizard of the Kaleidoscope OnTheImportanceOfLungs177,598
28 Butterfly Effect Brennus170,741
29 The Memory Chest BajaB160,053
30 The Last Horcrux FPyearsofrebellion159,414
31 Hail Odysseus Brennus157,425
32 Continuum Mutt N. Feathers155,553
33 Losing Control JackPotr154,616
34 Learning To Breathe onoM151,978
35 The Virtual Magical Island Xavras150,093
36 Who Am I MrZ1289145,147
37 The End And The Beginning muggledad144,392
38 Skeletons Holz9364136,500
39 Song Of The Guardians Song Angel134,875
40 The Twelve Gates General Schemer134,404
41 Forced Perception westwerk128,076
42 A Time For Changeling Bloodpage-Alchemist127,035
43 Old Friends, New Friends expectopadfoot121,274
44 Raised by Darkness apple2011120,493
45 In Too Deep perverted-squirrel117,045
46 Out of the Shadows fall shadow114,688
47 Death Before Dishonor Robin4108,637
48 Unatoned SeriousScribble103,724
49 Ring Of Power Martine Lewis101,847
50 Twisted Lines moonstone8898,310
51 So Close sloth92,787
52 Bad Love keeperoliver88,548
53 To End In Serenity The Matt Silver83,860
54 It's My Life Fyreheart80,383
55 The Second Darkness fireboy77,866
56 Is It Vengeance Or Justice That You Seek SlytherinNinjaKnight74,711
57 Wand, Knife & Silence TheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas74,692
58 Four Horsemen DZ274,062
59 Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not Sorcerer´s Muse72,533
60 Dream Book HighEmpress66,753
61 Finding A Place To Call Home TheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas61,129
62 What We Had Litfreak8939,908

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