1 Second Chances Series Zaxarus1,000,540
2 Sound The Bugle trulywicked612,173
3 Moments In Love Gandalf´s Beard571,375
4 The Rune Stone Path Temporal-Knight517,752
5 Like A Star Zandra-Dae466,102
6 Years At War Series Eristarisis430,941
7 The Elemental´s Power Sage Ra407,555
8 A New Place To Stay DebsTheSlytherinSnapefan359,386
9 Life´s Interlude flowerchild33338,590
10 Honor Thy Blood TheBlack´sResurgence307,702
11 The Definition Of Normal Ducky1776306,645
12 The Legacy Preservation Act James Spookie302,933
13 The Art Of Self-Fashioning Lomonaaeren293,426
14 Magicks Of The Arcane Eilyfe285,843
15 Paid In Blood zaterra02276,938
16 Serpent Lord NHunter269,161
17 Make A Wish Series Overkill aka Irrational Intelligence233,566
18 Shadowed Malice Oceanbreeze7228,778
19 Blessed Blood AngelSlayer135228,524
20 Vitam Paramus TheEndless7224,316
21 Hell Eyes Jezaray210,613
22 The Potter Coven flowerchild33201,009
23 Trip To The Past Priya Ashok197,996
24 Lady Black, Lord Potter MuggleBeene195,409
25 Last Chance LeQuin195,404
26 Amalgum tkepner192,977
27 Have You Ever Seen The Rain? Rogue-Fifty-Two192,358
28 Blood Traitor Zalia186,031
29 Like A Red Headed Stepchild mugglesftw178,059
30 Long Live The Queen offsides174,577
31 Son Of Morgaine Series wizmage154,698
32 Magical Time timefreak151,346
33 The Knight Of The Radiant Heart Raven3182149,355
34 Dimension Father Bloody Phantom149,261
35 Can´t Rely On Authority cvtisjustok145,276
36 Spiritual Heirs Phoenix Burst144,886
37 Strange Reflections LeQuin138,885
38 After The Battle Epeefencer134,164
39 The Power Of The Potters RockIll126,877
40 Future Imperfect Xavras117,583
41 Once More Around The Bend TheLemonsWillSeeYou116,974
42 The Dark Witch And The Necromancer Heiko2003113,439
43 Why Are You In My House? Hyperopia104,557
44 Family Issue PerfesserN101,451
45 Vernon Thanks Harry Smargden98,641
46 Changing My Life DarkSuspense96,868
47 Last Chance To Love Teddybeargurl96,848
48 The Balm Of Time ladylaughalot86,856
49 Trolling The Toad Akela-Victoire86,140
50 The Way Of The Warlock Heiko200383,699
51 Fundamental Compatibility HarmoniousConvergence78,554
52 The Quidditch World Cup TheEndless777,996
53 Holding On To Hope AGuyWhoUsedToWrite75,182
54 Other Champion fongstar572,861
55 Last Goodbyes Gandalf321365,054
56 It Could Have Gone That Way TeamPotterForLife64,055
57 New Love knightlyink53,613