1 A Marauder's Plan CatsAreCool893,787
2 Methods Of Rationality Less Wrong661,619
3 Anything's Possible sillycucumber518,916
4 Put Into Lifetime Dentention By Death Harmonious Cannons461,070
5 Claw Of The Raven Series BakenandEggs377,786
6 Morphed Secrets nightkitty555349,915
7 First Detention Series kbinnz326,442
8 Return Of Emerald Bleu Tsuki323,005
9 Escape SingularOddities314,242
10 Master Of Death Series MrZ1289302,755
11 Harry McGonagall Series witowsmp290,859
12 Thorny Rose Series Brennus288,770
13 The Many Deaths ShayneT242,571
14 You're My Density robst237,193
15 The Lightning Lord Colt01236,440
16 Air Elemental kb0212,661
17 An Inconvenient Truth old-crow174,464
18 Angels Place FaeMelody167,107
19 The Natural Animagus wsbenge161,097
20 Dirty Little Secret QueenKalasin155,198
21 Wind Shear Chilord126,280
22 The Power Of The Potters RockIll123,492
23 The Aftermath Whovian41110123,154
24 The Lost Angel, When I Leave The World Behind MrZ1289120,449
25 Veil Of Death Artist 111115,614
26 The Uprising Captain Cranium114,436
27 Brighter Days jeka1215112,775
28 The Aurors FloreatCastellum100,335
29 In The Midst Of It All the twist94,561
30 Contractual Invalidation R-dude90,127
31 Fate's Mistake kb080,923
32 One Hundred And Forty Nearly Twelve broomstick flyer73,767
33 Boy Who Got Away DollhouseDancer70,884
34 Gothic Brennus67,647
35 Shadow Hunter Drunken Prince44,688

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