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R1 SeriesRegulus882,653
Renegade CauseSilens Cursor507,606
Summer Of Changelorddwar332,503
Power Of The PastLord umbrex298,541
Never Ending SummerKassien208,352
Lady Black, Lord PotterMuggleBeene195,409
The Rebel And The Chosenchelseyb179,807
Scion Of GryffindorCrys166,373
The Rise Of The Dragon Lordsdamon blade149,993
Old Friends, New Friendsexpectopadfoot121,274
The Paradigm ShiftKinsfire107,242
Vernon Thanks HarrySmargden98,641
A Different Lifephoenixgirl2690,642
The Way Of The WarlockHeiko200383,699
Is There Something Here?sydneysages79,622
Breach Of Contract: Twelve SignsMatt Silver 3k73,592
Necromancer UnleashedRazial65,489
Holy Morphs Envy A RadarSirLordWhAtEvEr62,318