Harry Potter Timeline

Timeline PAST <1980 (2%) 11 CHILDHOOD1980 - 1991 (6%) 29 1st YEAR1992 (9%) 48 2nd YEAR1993 (8%) 44 3rd YEAR1994 (11%) 57 4th YEAR1995 (15%) 80 5th YEAR1996 (16%) 86 6th YEAR1997 (35%) 186 7th YEAR1998 (21%) 109 FUTURE>1998 (23%) 119

This timeline is created dynamically so you can start the series of books at any point of HP history. Also so you can see how many series we have that start at these points.

The idea is that if you want to read a re-do fanfic, alternate universe, time-travel, etc. you click on "childhood" or "1st year" to see Harry go through the motions again. Some want to read fics that start after GoF or after DH. Whatever you like more, click on it and you will see a list appear below this explanation. Enjoy!

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