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Book SeriesMarj1231,307,755
The Brave New Worldbellerophon30890,279
Midnight Seriesksomm814730,091
Burden And Birth Seriescaduceus679,980
Secretive Serieshaylie_lupin569,357
Pendant Of SlytherinNeednotknowtheirname481,824
Behind Blue EyesPaffy439,010
The Elemental´s PowerSage Ra407,555
Second Chance Seriesetherian404,286
Heirs Of SlytherinFawkesRocks07340,475
Final Strawbellerophon30317,280
Balance Of Power SeriesKrystalRoze303,255
Grainne Trilogyjenonymous299,081
Blood & Tears Of The Phoenix Seriesmidnightjen274,165
Serpent LordNHunter269,161
New Marauders Serieslopie260,598
A Twisted Timeline SeriesMadnessPersonified256,283
The Unexpected Guestgoldwillow07228,954
Your Love Alone Wont Save The WorldKateRhodes215,537
Practical Magic Works TooFairywm214,484
Hell EyesJezaray210,613
Council Of Elves SeriesMione5198,639
Time, Mr. PotterTw15teD195,226
After LifeCuteKrazyKay179,147
Losing ControlJackPotr154,616
The Twelve GatesGeneral Schemer134,404
Why I´m Quitting The CannonsTeenTypist132,719
The Undead Alliancesloth126,367
Once More Around The BendTheLemonsWillSeeYou116,974
The Dark Lord´s PawnJenn0509116,155
Knight Of MannIrish Ghost114,216
Last Chance To LoveTeddybeargurl96,848
To End In SerenityThe Matt Silver83,860
End Of A New LifeMione576,818
Blood Of MerlinMinyaPunchers73,449
Heart TrilogyJeconais51,773