Link to other fansites

www.UltimateHPFanfiction.comSister site with throngs of high quality completed Harry Potter Fanfics.
www.UltimateGameOfThronesFanfiction.comSister site with a punchbag of highest quality Song of Fire & Ice Fanfics.
www.UltimateLoTRFanfiction.comSister site with many very good Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit Fanfics.
www.fanfiction.netBiggest fanfic site on the web, where HP is the greatest repository. Quite nice, easy to read and to find stories. Compilations from its users are also available.
www.harrypotterfanfiction.comVery cool site for die-hard HP fans. A bit hard to find stories and annoying "are you older than 17?" questions every chapter. Very nice print feature.
www.fanficauthors.netSite for quality fanfics. Not for easy reads.
fanfiction.mugglenet.comAlternative site to find fanfics.
www.phoenixsong.netIt was a great page some time ago. Some good stories are stored only there nice site for Harry/Ginny shippers. Quite easy to find good stories in here.
www.sugarquill.netSome archived stories here are good. These are relatively new and they don't have much content yet.
www.fantasyficworld.comReally nice site for Harry/Ginny shippers. Quite easy to find good stories in here.

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