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Second Chances SeriesZaxarus1,000,540
Angry Harry And The SevenSinyk490,097
Rise Of The WizardsTeufel1987480,015
Thanks To A Snakelucky14now453,711
The 8th Year 1st EditionHolz9364392,282
Claw Of The Raven SeriesBakenandEggs377,786
Lion SeriesJames Spookie375,516
Manifesting MagicTrekTech321,955
Honor Thy BloodTheBlack´sResurgence307,702
The Legacy Preservation ActJames Spookie302,933
Paid In Bloodzaterra02276,938
A Champion´s New HopeRocag274,401
Secret Friend SeriesJames Spookie253,041
The Lightning LordColt01236,440
The Gryffindor And The SlytherinIsaac Lee Strange231,732
Potters Stand UnitedFairywm209,882
Harry And DaphneThe Light from Within198,272
The Pureblood PrincessTheEndless7190,399
Moving OnXavras189,949
Things We Do For LoveJames Spookie189,141
The Soul WithinTheFlowerOfTheCourt163,601
The Snake Withinarkkitehti161,938
Runic AnimagiKassien161,554
Son Of Morgaine Serieswizmage154,698
The Virtual Magical IslandXavras150,093
The Betrothal ContractJames Spookie150,027
Myrddin Emrys ReturnsGeneral Kenobi SIYE144,494
Big Brother is Listening to YouHolz9364143,729
Twisted Fatemoonfeather58141,250
Just Lucky, I Guessinsomniac17141,248
A Fine Spot Of TroubleChilord132,479
Future ImperfectXavras117,583
The Order Of The PhoebeGenghis Swan108,260
The Grass Is Always Greenerkb0100,620
Changing My LifeDarkSuspense96,868
Beginning Of A New Liferlpj495,729
To Be Lovedsilentclock95,187
Siren´s Songhermyd90,229
Contractual InvalidationR-dude90,127
The Little Child To Lead HimBlueRosesAtMidnight85,099
Double Black & Potters BackKaden-san80,914
Wand, Knife & SilenceTheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas74,692
Marriage ContractsClell6561973,198
The Marriage Contracts ReduxClell6561970,364
Unexpected ChangesLordAnarchy66666,423
The Lies That BindZephros64,867
Wrong ChoiceThe Unusual Suspect57,717
The Fall Of The House Of PotterBobmin46,800
The Prisoners Of AzkabanThe Unusual Suspect27,870