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DangerverseAnne B. Walsh1,914,461
Happily Ever After SeriesPotterFanSteve1,677,546
Twisted Timeline SeriesNettiet681,346,047
Book SeriesMarj1231,307,755
Heart Of The Warrior SeriesMadnessPersonified1,259,962
Refiner´s Fire SeriesAbraxan1,173,876
Veil Of Mistery Trilogysemprini1,111,116
Dark Prince TrilogyKurinoone1,084,960
Sunrise & Sun SeriesBobmin1,027,500
Hero Trilogyjoe69911,005,151
Second Chances SeriesZaxarus1,000,540
The Coven Of WarriorsSerena SeaAngel997,354
Ring Of Gold TrilogyKevinVoigt946,442
His Minds Torment Trilogyphoenixgirl26918,692
A Marauder´s PlanCatsAreCool893,787
The Brave New Worldbellerophon30890,279
R1 SeriesRegulus882,653
Beginning SeriesBreanie813,572
Summer Of The Serpent SeriesSSHENRY801,550
Brave SeriesARG767,752
Legend Of The Twelve Serieslmb3745,764
Midnight Seriesksomm814730,091
Truth Universe SeriesNeurotica729,409
Unbroken UniverseRobin4710,236
Burden And Birth Seriescaduceus679,980
Summer And Winter SeriesMrs_Granger677,810
Scandal, Shame & Enemy TrilogyAgiVega671,196
Sirius Black´s Godchild SeriesMadam RedRose25663,573
Methods Of RationalityLess Wrong661,619
Among The Muggles Again Duologysnuggle the muggle658,060
Muggleborn Witches SeriesxXxKaraBeckerCutterxXx637,089
After The EndSugar Quill632,204
Mastermind HuntingLouis IX616,225
Jade Dragon SeriesGomer615,570
Sound The Bugletrulywicked612,173
Harry and Ariel Seriescanhuffnpuff585,724
Dream SeriesSugarquills23584,028
Moments In LoveGandalf´s Beard571,375
Secretive Serieshaylie_lupin569,357
Onset Of Autumn SeriesEribeth Whitlock568,331
The Lost Serieswetback565,815
Amulet Of The Moon Seriessemprini563,330
H J PotterS.M wane563,028
Ninja WizardDavid4562,860
Broken Wings SeriesSnapegirlkmf561,007
Unlikely Alliances Seriesredfrog535,469
The Dream TrilogyHelen J Haslam534,565
After The WarPotterFanSteve526,854
Perils Of The Unknown SeriesLogicalRaven522,047
A Cadmean VictoryDarknessEnthroned520,351
Anything´s Possiblesillycucumber518,916
The Rune Stone PathTemporal-Knight517,752
Silent Siege Seriesswishandflick516,625
The Chronicles Of The KingShadenight123512,320
Renegade CauseSilens Cursor507,606
Wise One SeriesFarenMaddox504,047
Make A Wish SeriesRorschach´s Blot501,547
Existence After Life SeriesCygnus Crux499,495
The Firebird TrilogyDarth Marrs494,107
Angry Harry And The SevenSinyk490,097
Pendant Of SlytherinNeednotknowtheirname481,824
Rise Of The WizardsTeufel1987480,015
The Power Of RevengeGod of Death and Disease476,408
The Scrivenings Of SlytherinAfterthought_btw470,960
The Heir Of Morgaine Le FayeSorcerer´s Muse467,432
Like A StarZandra-Dae466,102
Put Into Lifetime Detention By DeathHarmonious Cannons461,070
Power Of Emotion SeriesMelindaleo459,568
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Recnac Transfaerso SeriesCelebony455,888
Thanks To A Snakelucky14now453,711
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Years At War SeriesEristarisis430,941
The Maw SeriesWoMo426,464
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The Elemental´s PowerSage Ra407,555
Second Chance Seriesetherian404,286
The Fifth HouseDianne400,230
After The Summer Seriessand_dollar396,374
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The 8th Year 1st EditionHolz9364392,282
Chained Souls SeriesTheowyn391,971
Quest Of Grindelwald SeriesCaptain Charles387,701
Happy Days In Hell Seriesenahma381,689
Ghost Of Youblacktag189381,249
Muggle Summer, Wizards Fallcanoncansodoff380,866
The Return of the Marauders SeriesTheLastZion378,755
Essence Of Revenge Seriestgfoy378,658
Claw Of The Raven SeriesBakenandEggs377,786
Lion SeriesJames Spookie375,516
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Ginny´s Gift SeriesAshwinder369,980
Nobody Caredetherian368,948
Next Great Battlepokecharm366,220
Six Founders Seriesarnaldus364,579
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A New Place To StayDebsTheSlytherinSnapefan359,386
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Book Of Magical MaladiesKevinVoigt354,052
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After The Horcrux SeriesManwe Valarian352,931
The Little Veela That CouldDarth Drafter350,784
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As Yet Untitledbellerophon30344,151
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To Fight The Coming Darknessjbern340,961
Heirs Of SlytherinFawkesRocks07340,475
Life´s Interludeflowerchild33338,590
Ancient Magic Serieskjpzak337,836
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Sacrifice SeriesMarj123330,811
To The Past SeriesPhoenix_Flames329,151
First Detention Serieskbinnz326,442
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The Purple PotionB.B.Ruth325,008
Bungle In The Jungle Seriesjbern323,945
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Lost DemonAngry Hermione318,539
The Seventh HorcruxMelindaleo318,173
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With You By My SideHermiHugs315,536
The Greatest Power SeriesMuggleMomma79314,298
Honor Thy BloodTheBlack´sResurgence307,702
The Definition Of NormalDucky1776306,645
Amulet Of Era´sGryffindors-Light305,585
Can Love Find Me NowFroggyy1304,918
Worth Of The Soulxan519303,503
Balance Of Power SeriesKrystalRoze303,255
The Legacy Preservation ActJames Spookie302,933
Master Of Death DuologyMrZ1289302,755
Forgotten Solution SeriesIHateSnakes302,464
Dark MemoriesBlueowl301,128
The Weapon RevisedGwendolynnFiction300,801
Grainne Trilogyjenonymous299,081
Power Of The PastLord umbrex298,541
Saving HarryThe Seeker297,388
Redemption SeriesFarenMaddox297,042
The Divine PlanCorruo296,153
Fate´s Child Seriesmathiasgranger294,702
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The Runespoor ShieldMs Spider293,895
The Art Of Self-FashioningLomonaaeren293,426
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Oroborus Lightcircinusphoenix292,176
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In Every Darkness Shines A LightWolfMoon277,936
Paid In Bloodzaterra02276,938
Elixir Of Lumina SeriesDr. Sheep275,758
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A Champion´s New HopeRocag274,401
Blood & Tears Of The Phoenix Seriesmidnightjen274,165
The Wrath Of The Fallensjg74274,045
The Dimensional TrunkOphiuchus272,782
Never Alone, Never AgainBored Beyond Belief270,482
The Reaper SeriesGreywind269,994
Year Of Discovery Seriesdbzdragonlanceman269,736
Serpent LordNHunter269,161
Redirection: A Second Chancethe-writer1988269,035
Just Going With Itpinkdigi267,271
Incorruptible: The Dementor´s StigmaThe Matt Silver264,164
Where in the World is Harry Potter Seriesnonjon263,783
New Marauders Serieslopie260,598
If All Hope Were Lostanimalcrazy10102257,531
A Twisted Timeline SeriesMadnessPersonified256,283
The Powertwilliams1797256,026
Secret Friend SeriesJames Spookie253,041
Other Boy Who LivedKwan Li251,803
The First Daylittle0bird251,033
The Awakening Powersib-ff250,118
Story In The RunesIHateSnakes248,955
The World Rebornandelyn kinsey248,148
Tom And Harryold-crow247,468
Voldemort´s Bane SeriesZ-ro247,439
Prophecy FulfilledBreanie246,658
A Black Comedynonjon246,320
Ring Of Fivevagabound245,900
Rocking The BoatDerLaCroix245,662
The Many DeathsShayneT242,571
Chains That Bindpatrick mcclellan242,386
Unspeakable ThingsDarth Marrs242,047
Whispers Of The Yet to Comedamonkeygirl241,301
It Happened One NightSunDevil05241,219
And The Greatest Of These...Edward Ollivander239,852
Eclipse Of Timelilausty238,689
You´re My Densityrobst237,193
Eternal RightMattD12027236,971
The Lightning LordColt01236,440
The Lie I´ve Livedjbern234,571
Girl Who Lived Seriesnatweasley234,207
The Great DivideBluejeans1481233,327
Cold BloodDerLaCroix232,750
The Gryffindor And The SlytherinIsaac Lee Strange231,732
Larceny, Lechery, And Luna Lovegood!Rorschach´s Blot230,739
The Unexpected Guestgoldwillow07228,954
Shadowed MaliceOceanbreeze7228,778
Children Of The Flame SagaSorcerer´s Muse228,534
Blessed BloodAngelSlayer135228,524
This Means WarJeconais226,807
The Chinese BookBill Mullens226,786
Strength To FightNightFlight224,332
Vitam ParamusTheEndless7224,316
Chronicles Of CamelotDZ2223,172
The Power Of The PressBobmin222,991
A Serpents SacrificeGabilian221,458
The Order Of The Light And DarkPriya Ashok220,039
Duel For The Elder WandSytravious the Dark219,983
The World I Leave BehindNES85216,029
Your Love Alone Wont Save The WorldKateRhodes215,537
Practical Magic Works TooFairywm214,484
Breakfast In New YorkRadaslab213,229
Air Elementalkb0212,661
White Knight, Grey QueenJeconais210,819
Difference Of TimeThe Black Iris210,627
Hell EyesJezaray210,613
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Three Travelersshlamboozle206,278
Imposibility Of Time TravelChibiChibi204,824
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The Potter Covenflowerchild33201,009
Black OwlQwest200,744
Council Of Elves SeriesMione5198,639
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Fueled AngerKaitabi187,680
An Old And New WorldLens of Sanity187,064
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An Inconvenient Truthold-crow174,464
Always And ForeverTwiGame172,184
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The WeaponMK-ONE170,601
The Guardians Of Powerteacherbev170,166
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The Harder Struggle DuologyEricfmc165,050
The 7th HorcruxKjkit164,962
In This World And The Nextrobst164,711
Never Aloneckwright51164,066
Destiny Reversedchattypandagurl163,839
The Soul WithinTheFlowerOfTheCourt163,601
A Call To ArmsMy Dear Professor McGonagall163,275
The Time of Their LivesResa13163,020
Oh God Not AgainSarah1281162,700
The Snake Withinarkkitehti161,938
Runic AnimagiKassien161,554
Dead Without YouJadeSeraph161,219
The Natural Animaguswsbenge161,097
The Memory ChestBajaB160,053
The Yesterday SequencePotter47159,693
The Final Battlecrystal h159,601
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The Unknown YearsReese13159,334
Ice Cream DelightsLuckner158,878
The Real UsSeel´vor157,527
Hail OdysseusBrennus157,425
Could She Be, Could He Bemunkeymaniac156,782
The Fourth ChampionJames Spookie156,503
Continuum SeriesMutt N. Feathers155,553
Simply Irresistiblekeeperoliver155,541
Triumvirate SeriesSharptooth155,429
Dirty Little SecretQueenKalasin155,198
Adventures In CourtshipSunDevil05155,131
Son Of Morgaine Serieswizmage154,698
Losing ControlJackPotr154,616
Thank You Ms Bonesold-crow154,157
Letters And Lunchesold-crow152,981
Learning To BreatheonoM151,978
Quest for a SoulGryffindor777151,418
Magical Timetimefreak151,346
The Bottom Of The LakeGabilian151,102
Summer Of Choices Seriesold-crow150,911
Murava Duologyjardyn39150,879
The Darkest Hourssel_123150,876
The Virtual Magical IslandXavras150,093
The Betrothal ContractJames Spookie150,027
The Rise Of The Dragon Lordsdamon blade149,993
BetrayedDeans Darling149,781
The Knight Of The Radiant HeartRaven3182149,355
Dimension FatherBloody Phantom149,261
The Resistance Of AzkabanShezza146,999
The SevenPart SoulA S146,845
Coming HomeJenn_Lynn146,690
Can´t Rely On Authoritycvtisjustok145,276
Spiritual HeirsPhoenix Burst144,886
Myrddin Emrys ReturnsGeneral Kenobi SIYE144,494
The End And The Beginningmuggledad144,392
Snow Girl & The Sorcerers SonSnapegirlkmf144,021
Big Brother is Listening to YouHolz9364143,729
Blue SteelJeconais142,963
For Your LoveLisaRene142,856
A Second ChancerednekS142,092
A Kiss Can Save The Worldrobst141,452
Twisted Fatemoonfeather58141,250
Just Lucky, I Guessinsomniac17141,248
Labyrinth Of the MindPhoenix Writer1140,725
Far Beyond A Promise Keptoliver.snape140,548
Strange ReflectionsLeQuin138,885
Different MagicBrone Greyclaw137,301
Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of WizardsCorwalch136,710
The British Reformationkb0136,650
The Eighth YearCJ - Lady of Gryffindor136,033
Makers Of Fine Wands Since 382 B.C.Aaran St Vines135,873
Wizards FallBobmin135,829
Song Of The GuardiansSong Angel134,875
The Legacy Of GryffindorPhoenix II134,618
The Twelve GatesGeneral Schemer134,404
After The BattleEpeefencer134,164
If You Can Help Herwitowsmp133,992
The Unknown PowerCrys133,753
The Truth Of EvansPotterGatonio133,715
Never Tickle A Sleeping DragonEdward Ollivander133,341
The Order Of the Phoenix Unveiledkingofcliffy133,172
Why I´m Quitting The CannonsTeenTypist132,719
Faintest, Slimmest, Wildest Chancekeeptheotherone132,581
A Fine Spot Of TroubleChilord132,479
The Enemy´s Revengeleiselmae132,468
Final FlameYelloWitchGrl131,560
Fruits Of FlirtationKaden-san131,305
Timely ErrorsWorfe130,020
Souls Aboundrobst128,682
Forced Perceptionwestwerk128,076
A Time For ChangelingBloodpage-Alchemist127,035
The Power Of The PottersRockIll126,877
No Hurry At Allrobst126,691
More Important Than Any Broomstickwitowsmp126,376
The Undead Alliancesloth126,367
The Marriage Law RevolutionStarfox5126,364
Wind ShearChilord126,280
The Legend Of The Phoenix WellAmethystPhoenix1126,275
The Protectors Of HogwartsLady Connor125,611
Last JourneyUs Two Squibs125,298
A Different Halloweenrobst124,549
The Traveller Trilogyjardyn39124,203
The Power Of The PottersRockIll123,492
The AftermathWhovian41110123,154
Into The Golden Sunrisedon-bski123,078
Saying NoBobmin122,301
A Sirius Matterwitowsmp122,269
Old Friends, New Friendsexpectopadfoot121,274
A Cannon´s Harpyst122120,794
Raised by Darknessapple2011120,493
The Lost Angel: When I Leave The World BehindMrZ1289120,449
Lord Of Caer AzkabanRorschach´s Blot119,393
Book Of Merlinla z boy119,232
Weight Of The WorldBuffybot118,674
The Time Meddlerswitowsmp118,030
Future ImperfectXavras117,583
War Is OverPitry117,550
The Lives We TouchBeccabo117,193
In Too Deepperverted-squirrel117,045
Once More Around The BendTheLemonsWillSeeYou116,974
Godric´s Legacyhermyd116,726
The Dark Lord´s PawnJenn0509116,155
Veil Of DeathArtist 111115,614
Never Piss Off A PotterPhantom1s115,537
War & PassionRedBlaze1115,053
Out of the Shadowsfall shadow114,688
When In Doubt, ObliviateSarah1281114,644
The UprisingCaptain Cranium114,436
Knight Of MannIrish Ghost114,216
Banking On Herrobst114,164
The Dark Witch And The NecromancerHeiko2003113,439
Archway Of The DeadHighEmpress113,323
Brighter Daysjeka1215112,775
A New BeginningSugarquills23112,486
The Fifth Cohortjardyn39112,446
Twist Through Timegladz27109,411
Dumbledore Answers Harrywitowsmp109,317
The Champion´s ChampionDriftWood1965108,951
Death Before DishonorRobin4108,637
Ars VirgarumNuin108,299
The Order Of The PhoebeGenghis Swan108,260
Time Turned BackYinyangempress107,980
Follow Your HeartSheen Rox107,511
The Paradigm ShiftKinsfire107,242
Can´t Have It Both Waysrobst106,352
Sacrifices To Be MadeHeather Sinclair106,150
Birthday SurprisesLolly Phoenix105,493
The PromiseZairaAlbereo104,618
Why Are You In My House?Hyperopia104,557
Be PreparedPhantom1s103,897
Padfoot, Docteur D´AmourFibinaci102,341
Ring Of PowerMartine Lewis101,847
The Fate We MakeSherza101,462
Family IssuePerfesserN101,451
The Grass Is Always Greenerkb0100,620
Wizards At WarrednekS100,456
The AurorsFloreatCastellum100,335
Horcrux QuestMeteoricshipyards100,202
Time Heals All Woundsgredandforgerock98,792
Vernon Thanks HarrySmargden98,641
Twisted Linesmoonstone8898,310
The Sweat Of A Gladiatorcanoncansodoff98,021
Turn Of FateDarkLadyIreth97,318
Time Is The FireOddment Tweak97,317
Changing My LifeDarkSuspense96,868
Last Chance To LoveTeddybeargurl96,848
Halstead: The FortressFairywm96,732
The Bondrlpj496,130
Beginning Of A New Liferlpj495,729
No Thanksold-crow95,688
To Be Lovedsilentclock95,187
In The Midst Of It Allthe twist94,561
So Closesloth92,787
A Second ChanceJedi Revan864592,532
A Different Lifephoenixgirl2690,642
Lessons For LifeCaitlyn190,425
Siren´s Songhermyd90,229
Contractual InvalidationR-dude90,127
Revelations Of OneJackPotr89,451
More Than Just Teammatesdrphil0189,251
Bad Lovekeeperoliver88,548
The Balm Of Timeladylaughalot86,856
The Balm Of Timeladylaughalot86,856
A General´s LamentSharptooth86,840
His New LifeJackPotr86,166
Trolling The ToadAkela-Victoire86,140
Future UncertainBelcris85,675
Dagger And RosePerspicacity85,199
Happily Ever AfterJeconais85,148
The Little Child To Lead HimBlueRosesAtMidnight85,099
Demons In The DreamsYelloWitchGrl84,954
The Unforgiving MinuteVoice of the Nephilim84,617
Eversion Of Magicchinaglaze84,190
To End In SerenityThe Matt Silver83,860
The Way Of The WarlockHeiko200383,699
The Long Road HomeFlamata83,295
Divining Light Seriesenembee82,747
The Beginning Of The EndCasca81,656
Fate´s Mistakekb080,923
Double Black & Potters BackKaden-san80,914
It´s My LifeFyreheart80,383
The Love Of A MurdererNatalie River79,725
Is There Something Here?sydneysages79,622
Fundamental CompatibilityHarmoniousConvergence78,554
The Quidditch World CupTheEndless777,996
The Second Darknessfireboy77,866
End Of A New LifeMione576,818
Headsman´s HostageMantis FA76,537
Deathly Hallows Revisitedredstarpuppy76,260
Holding On To HopeAGuyWhoUsedToWrite75,182
Is It Vengeance Or Justice That You Seek?SlytherinNinjaKnight74,711
Wand, Knife & SilenceTheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas74,692
Unicorn´s HornGlee-chan74,079
Four HorsemenDZ274,062
One Hundred And Forty Nearly Twelvebroomstick flyer73,767
Breach Of Contract: Twelve SignsMatt Silver 3k73,592
Marriage ContractsClell6561973,198
Other Championfongstar572,861
Are You Going to Kiss Me or Not?Sorcerer´s Muse72,533
Harry´s WarLord Cartwright71,590
Boy Who Got AwayDollhouseDancer70,884
The Marriage Contracts ReduxClell6561970,364
ButterflyLittle Miss Mionie68,929
Dream BookHighEmpress66,753
Unexpected ChangesLordAnarchy66666,423
Learning To Love GoodLia Kada66,230
Necromancer UnleashedRazial65,489
Crystal Of KryptoniteChance Brown65,366
The Muggleborn Uprisingwitowsmp65,332
Last GoodbyesGandalf321365,054
Dark SignsBelcris65,036
The Lies That BindZephros64,867
It Could Have Gone That WayTeamPotterForLife64,055
Indifference And NeglectSeel´vor62,585
Holy Morphs Envy A RadarSirLordWhAtEvEr62,318
Potter´s BonesMionefan61,871
Finding A Place To Call HomeTheGirlWithFarTooManyIdeas61,129
The Dark Lord´s EqualLens of Sanity58,281
Wrong ChoiceThe Unusual Suspect57,717
Protection From NarglesArpad Hrunta57,581
New Loveknightlyink53,613
Heart TrilogyJeconais51,773
The Fall Of The House Of PotterBobmin46,800
Shadow HunterDrunken Prince44,688
Veela GambitSharptooth40,857
Family SeriesArnel 6335,280
The Prisoners Of AzkabanThe Unusual Suspect27,870