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STATS: There are 825 stories included in 581 series from the awesome 442 authors totaling a gran number of 146,904,189 words. (Which is 178,066 words on average per book!). If you read a book like "The Half Blood Prince" (168,923 words) every day, it would take you 870 days to finish the stories of this page. So if you begin today 05-12-2019, you would be finished by 23-04-2022, xD...

I take no compensation for all the hard work I put into the coding, locating the stories and maintaining the web, but Google Ads help me with that. So feel free to click if there's something you like there. To start, go to the top left menu and select your favorite pairing. Lumos!

25/02/2018 - 18th update III

  1. Another 27 stories for wrapping up this update, the most massive yet. Some AOOO and FF new stories that were completed have been uploaded.
  2. AMP is fully implemented. As soon as Google gives the green light a go, you'll have me on the lightning fast Google AMP cache.

08/02/2018 - 18th update II

  1. 33 new stories. A total of 7,557,828 words: 229k average for this update. It is massive and should get you reading for a long while. And I'm still now finished updating yet! Go on and enjoy
  2. Full AMP implementation is... hard. Still working on it but I might have to reupload all stories for it to work, bleh.

28/01/2018 - 18th update

  1. What is faster than Bootstrap? Well.. Google AMP. I'm presenting you the revamped LIGHTNING-FAST version of UHP
  2. I uploaded some stories that were on the backburner. Just a little few until I get the BIG one rolling
  3. Stories coming soon...

04/08/2017 - 17th update

  1. 35 new stories to check out here
  2. New look & feel with Bootstrap v4 alpha. The idea is to help cellphone users even more.
  3. Working to update sister sites UltimateGameOfThrones and UltimateLordOfTheRings too. About to finally create UltimatePercyJackson too!

11/10/2016 - 16th update

  1. 63 new stories to check out here
  2. I will launch a few sister sites in the next update. Game Of Thrones and Lord Of The Rings fanfics spring to mind. Maybe Percy Jackson too :-)
  3. Updating this site is always a lot of work. If there's a great fanfic that is not slash/multi/harem that I have not uploaded yet, please send me the link to nadie4ever.go@gmail.com
  4. New frontier: More than 2 years worth of reading in this site (730 days). Now, that is some nice ammount of text. Hurray!
  5. Haven't read the new book yet. Do you guys think I should upload fanfics based on it? Do you want non-harry centered fics here? Please suggest

05/05/2016 - 15th update

  1. Index is not only back, now it's available in every chapter so you can go back and forth between the index and the chapters
  2. New look! As you can see, we'll keep it "darkish" but neat to read on mobile and computers
  3. Fixed the width error with the right overflow
  4. Responsive adds (to support my web- Click on them if you like them)

19/06/2015 - 14th Update

  1. ToC is back, after many people complained it was lacking. That was due to the coding of the old owner, but I'm writing most of it again from scratch.
  2. Database problem fixed, thank you for the support emails! I had no idea how many people actually read these fanfics.
  3. I'm working on new stories to add, but I need suggestions. Feel free to send them to: nadie4ever.go@gmail.com
  4. No slash, harem, non harry-centric stories.

19/03/2015 - 13th Update

  1. 105 new stories (74 series) added.
  2. Changed the coding of the web. Back to black and new possibilities with this new coding.
  3. Re-added the stories that were in limbo.
  4. Added more pairings.
  5. Added new sorting features so everything you like is easier to find.
  6. Adapted to cellphones so they have the same coding.

07/01/2013 - Twelveth update I

  1. Happy 2013! 8 more books (two of them series, actually) have been added to this ever-growing collection. Any errors, send me an email to nadie4ever.go@gmail.com

29/08/2012 - Eleventh update II

  1. As promised. The summer ended and I've added the last of the summer update. 10 new books are online now.
  2. The Muggleborn Witches Series is one of a kind in this page. The point of view (POV) is not primarly Harry. It is a good, strong and long read anyways and I do recommend it. Enjoy!

11/06/2012 - Eleventh update I

  1. Somebody said Fanfiction is dead. It is not. Here's the why: 499 completed stories. Half a thousand completed fanfics!!!
  2. This was the preliminary update. I had to remove some stories. Please, if you see some incomplete stories, it is my responsibility to remove them. You can address me at nadie4ever.go@gmail.com
  3. I've added 8 new fanfics too. As you can imagine, they're quite good and the pairings are alternative too. Please be kind and leave the authors a review on their original author page.
  4. More fanfics to come later...

04/03/2012 - Tenth update II

  1. This is a (minimal) great update for the new look & feel of the website. I got rid of all images and implemented some CSS3 code.
  2. One user complained about a non-completed fic. I do make mistakes, so if you see one, send the culprit over to nadie.csti@gmail.com and I'll take care of it.

29/02/2012 - Tenth update

  1. See to believe. I got 39 new stories spaning over 58 new fanfiction books. You'll see why in the next announcement.
  2. The minimal fanfic length has been lowered from 100,000 words to 60,000 words. Once I knew Harry Potter & The Philosopher's Stone ammounted to something like 77,000 I thought I was being an hypocrite. Some stories are an exception, as always
  3. Ships have been expanded. Now I host fanfics with Harry/Blaise(Fem!), Harry/Minerva(de-aged!), Harry/Pansy, Harry/Padma, Harry/Parvati, Harry/Tracey together with our ever-present Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Cho, Harry/Daphne, Harry/Luna, Harry/Susan and Harry/Tonks fanfics.
  4. It will be the last update in a while. I have to travel to the US for a while, so I won't be available. But I left you enough to works to read, xD.
  5. We're celebrating several things: More than 450 stories. More than 300 series and more than 250 authors. Wow!
  6. Please, please, please, review on these authors. They've certainly earned it.
  7. The Facebook group is (very, very, very) slowly growing. Please come by and tell us which fanfics are missing, or discuss existing ones, or just throw your two pences, ideas or a piece of your mind. Feel free! (No hidden fees, rest assured ;-) )

23/02/2012 - Ninth update II

Yeah, 13 more stories on the website. None of them are from FF.net or similar, so the chaptering doesn't quite work (It doesn't work at all). Sorry for the mobile readers, it is a big buch of text at once. I'll try to gzip things in the future, but I do not know if I'll be able to.

New Harry/Gabrielle ship. New Harry/Blaise ship and new Harry/Pansy ships. I know they are unusual pairings, but I couldn't let them go to waste, right? I like Daphne, Fleur, Gabrielle and Ginny ships the most. I have nothing against Hermione but... I see her as a sister, xD. Now, WTF are you doing here reading me? Move on and enjoy the stories!

21/02/2012 - Ninth update I

Believe it or not, I got a new update. 18 new stories to be exact. My oh my, authors are striving! Some stories are being finished because it takes quite a while to write fanfics and the stories were/are huge. Please rewards the authors with your reviews when you read their works. Who knows? Some of them could go professional and you'd be one of those priviledged few that got them a review they'll remind with fondness. It will also motivate them to write more and write better, so... why don't you review? The link is above every chapter. Take care and until next update.

09/02/2012 - Eight Update II

Well, who would have thought such a quick update? I went into deep with some Harry/Tonks, Harry/Susan, Harry/Cho, Harry/Daphne, etc... and brought you 10 more finished stories. We're almost at 400 completed fanfics!

Believe it or not, but I recently opened a FB page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/UHP/367010739980153. You're invited to join and contribute. I need user inputs!

08/02/2012 - Eight Update I

1) Well, well, well. It's been only two weeks since last update, but I have fresh news. I got my hands on a script that gets the stories from other fandom universes, so I'm using it. The downside is that it doesn't respect chapters as much as my old one. But alas, this is about completed stories and you should all review on the "The End" point (or beforehand if you want). The point is that you ought to review to ensure a quality feedback on those authors that you deemed good to read. Positive criticism is something every author craves for. Be good.
2) 48 New stories!!! Yeah! I didn't make up the number. 48 new stories (all in a highlighted yellow on the lists) for you to read. It should take you a month or so to get through all if you read like me and my family, hahaha. By then we'll have more and more stories piled up. In case you didn't notice, now I have more stories than time for you to read them all in less than a year. Isn't that awesome?
3) The mobile version of the webpage gets 17% of the trafic. Wow! 1 out of 6 readers uses a smartphone, tablet or mobile device

26/01/2012 - Seventh Update

Hey there,
1) I've uploaded all the "missing" stories and added quite a few new ones. As always!
2) The mobile version of the website has been working flawlessly and all the glitches have been solved. I'm proud of how it looks!
3) I got the new script that works to get more stories from other pages (and not only ff.net). So be ready for more updates soon!

17/12/2011 - AUTHORS - APOLOGY

I have been taking all the "cool" stories I could find from the web and uploaded them in here. I had a database mishap and I didn't know what was what, so I uploaded it all again from my disk database, which still had the eliminated ones. I am deeply sorry to have inconvenienced many of you by doing this and I hope you can accept my full apologies. Now I made a good backup so this doesn't happen again. Sincerely,


17/12/2011 - Copyright

Some people think that I are infringring copyright by using the Harry Potter brand. I all have permission of the author and the copyright holders:
Wikipedia - BBC UK

As you all can see, fanfiction is not only allowed but encouraged by the author of the books and the distributors/producers of the movies.

15/12/2011 - Authors!

It seems that I am annoying the people I admire the most. I didn't notice I had reupped some stories that are not allowed to be here. Please, if you don't want me to have your story, send me an email to nadie4ever.go@gmail.com

01/12/2011 - Sixth Update - UHP Resurrection!

Due to some troubles with my host, my page was shot down (billing issues). That's why I have Google Ads now. However, UHP is back and with more force than ever! There are throngs of stories and really good stuff in these pages.


  1. Pages are now not in a file apart, they are now integrated with the webpage. It took several hours of programming to get it done for FF.net and now FA, SIYE and HPFF will be next. Those sites are just plain awesome!
  2. FB Like button, Twitter, Orkut and several others, just so I can spread the word about the existence of this page on the social networks
  3. Stories are back! Seeing as several authors have deleted their stories... better safe than sorry
  4. All different and possible ships now have their own entry. I hope the authors continue exploring new possibilities
  5. A complete rewamp of the backend of the page has been done. Now it should be mucho more efficient and consume less server resources
  6. Google Ads on the top right of the page. I hope they're not that annoying to you, but I need them to support the page hosting and .com and .net domains (.net is still unavailable)
  7. New stories of course! Of the 41 of them, I recommend starting with these two

12/09/2010 - Fifth Update (Part IV) - Last update until I get more stories. Enjoy the new ones!
1) I updated the links of the authors who asked me to do so. They are not hosted here anymore but the summaries and the information are still here. It is just that now when you click on the story you will be brought to their official story host. Nothing was gained and nothing was lost to you, so enjoy it! And don't forget to review when you are there!
2) I put up a link for all authors who feel I am doing them a disservice. It is here

08/09/2010 - Fifth Update (Part III)
I came to an agreement with the authors of the fanfics that wanted to be removed. Any author who wants to be deleted, please send me an email to nadie4ever.go@gmail.com
However, I reached an agreement with others: Some of the links to the stories will bring you directly to their original work wherever it is stored as per their wishes. It will NOT be stored in UHP anymore but at the authorized places to do so. I am sorry if this is inconvenient for some, but they are the express wishes of the authors, whom I respect a lot.

I was not asked to do it, but I will anyway. I apologize to any author who was irked by my site for the inconvenience of having to contact me and for my audacity to post the stories first and ask questions later.

07/09/2010 - Fifth Update (Part II) - Got them from a Harry & Ginny site (siye.co.uk)

I don't know what happened yesterday but I got 2 emails of authors telling me politely to delete their stories
Now the thing is I cannot know if they are the authors or not. Those who wrote to me please give me the address of some @siye.co.uk or @fanfiction.net mod/admin account so I can verify with them that you are you.

In case you are the authors: Why do you want to remove yourself from here? I have several stories stored in here that have disappeared from the web (Mugglemomma, Draco Veritas, Paradigm of Uncertainity) and I'm working on them so I can put them online together with these other masterpieces. I am not plagiaraising anyone, I am listing authors, summaries and the alive links to your respective works in whatever the original page might be. The purpose is to get you more readers and reviews. Not two lines below this you'll find what I wrote yesterday.
But in any case, if you are the authors and I can verify it, I will (with regret) comply with your wishes since I respect your writings a lot. I could recognize your pen names on the spot! From a humble admirer:

06/09/2010 - Fifth Update (Part I)
I really want to encourage you to review of stories on the personal profiles of the authors or at the last chapter. They deserve it and you know it. And with enough encouragment I will have more and more fics coming from experienced authors.

1) You are surely wondering what's new on this update. So here I go:

2) I have also created an "all fics" listing that can be sorted in whatever way you see fit.

3) Now you can download the stories for your own enjoyment as a ZIP file. I was able to do this. People with Mac might have some problems. If that is so, please send me an email with details or a simple yes/no. Better yet: Use Firefox to get it on your Mac OS.

4) Old Numbers (16/06/2010): (So you can compare it to the new ones)
Numbers: 199 completed stories from 109 authors and spanning over 37,070,238 words.
It is an average of 186,283 words per story.

16/06/2010 - Fourth Update (Part B)
Got everything uploaded and put a dynamical counter above, so you know how much work has been put into this. And everytime I update it will count upwards. Isn't it cool? Tell me about more stories (+100k completed fanfics) in nadie4ever.go@gmail.com

14/06/2010 - Fourth Update
It seems like HP is dead... or is it not? The series have been completed and fandom seems to have no more updates... but this is not where anything stops. The 2 movies are still on the way and, most importantly, more and more fics are being written from other angles. I've seen some with other main characters (instead of Harry), timeline travel and re-doing of the series and also grown-up Harry Potter stories. I will keep updating and writing about it, don't worry.
Thank you for your kind emails and suggestions. It has taken me some time, but now I am ready to update again. All stories will be offline for a while until this is done:

  1. Getting rid of Google Adsense - V
  2. Providing a link to download the whole story in a zip file - Pending
  3. Updating broken links or stories - V
  4. Posting new stories - V
  5. Adding sorting parameters for the list of fanfiction stories, not only length - Pending...
  6. And everything in between... - V

If it is past the 14th June, then you will probably have all stories available. Enjoy them!.

25/12/2009 - Mini-Update
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Mostly to the Honks lovers. The bug has been fixed and the stories are available again. Enjoy

24/11/2009 - Third (Massive) Update
Hello everyone,
After almost a full year getting this page known to only a few I am ready to launch it worldwide, making it easier to find, etc...
Some of you may or may not notice, but I had one MASSIVE update on the page: I turned everything into a database so the fics are easier to sort and update (I did it by hand until now). I have also included more stories and will get even more as I progress with the database. Feel free to send me any suggestions at nadie4ever.go@.... (Gmail). I'll keep you posted and check the counter at the bottom. It will keep increasing... or so I hope.
I will be adding a "search" box one of these days for you to browse authors or titles.

10/10/2009 - Second Update
Hello girls & guys!
I recovered my old HDD and was able to go through some of my old Fanfiction stories. I have been collecting them for the last 7 years so there was quite a lot of raw material. I must say I was surprised at how many good stories I had that have never been given enough credit. So this update is mainly for those cool stories that built and shaped our fandom into what it is today. Expect loads of new "old" stories. I also updated a couple of new stories that have been finished. Enjoy!

06/30/2009 - First Update
I know you people think I do not update much. But there's something wrong with that reasoning: I have been collecting new stories, about 20 of them. I tell you: it's not easy to write a book, even less if it contains +100k words. Those are quite difficult to get in here without having me reading them first.
I also want to encourage you to send an email to the authors and drop a review. So if by any chance you are in the author's page (Usually wherever the story came from), tell her/him them you read their book.
I hope this is to your satisfaction. In the meanwhile I'll get back to read more and see if they deserve to be posted here.
Oh! Since some of you sent me some ideas, I improved the "Harry / Other" section so you can easily identify the pairings you like.

12/31/2008 - Hello you!
I'm sure that if you are here it's because some random post about fanfiction somewhere. Let me tell you something: This is THE place right now to find good completed, novel-length fanfiction about Harry Potter.
I was tired myself of having to browse through thousand of pages of good fanfiction in a bad format. Here I give you the oppotunity to enjoy the best fanfiction out there is the best format I could deliver you. Enjoy the ride!