The Mysterious Power Of Love - canhuffnpuff
296819 words / Timeline: 7th
[Humor Romance Action/Adventure ]
Not only does Harry have to worry about Horcruxes, the safety of his friends, and, of course, Voldemort, but now he has an added worry, a sister. Ariel Evans is his very rambunctious, very brave, very beautiful twin sister from the States. Harry learns about love of different kinds; from like to love and lust; infacturation and obsession, and the complete opposite, hate.  Not to mention who´s really friend, or foe. Written before DH.
The Shackles Of Freedom - canhuffnpuff
107202 words / Timeline: Future
[Drama Humor Romance ]
*Sequel to Harry Potter and the Mysterious Power of Love* Voldemort has fallen. Harry is finally free to be a normal teenage boy. He heads off to America with his twin sister Ariel for a little fun. But he is having a little too much fun, in Ariel’s opinion, particularly with her best friend when his heart is still in a tug-o-war with two girls back home. However, Harry’s hormones aren’t his only problems when he learns that all is not well back home in England. His new found freedom is being challenged and secrets again are being kept. Part 2 of 3
The Mark Of A Mothers Love - canhuffnpuff
181703 words / Timeline: Future
[Humor Mystery Angst ]
Nine years passed since Voldemort fell at Harry’s hands, and a massive baby boom has taken place in the wizarding world. Harry, a loving father, husband, and Quidditch star, is having difficulty getting a handle on his new powers. But that’s the least of his worries, when the magical world becomes plagued with kidnappings, and unexplained deaths. The power of love, once a saviour, now leads to death and despair.  Final story in the Harry and Ariel series.  Part 3 of 3.