The New Marauders - lopie
130672 words / Timeline: 6th
[Adventure Humor ]
Harry Potter's sixth year. Harry has developed a completely new attitude for life since the death of Sirius. What will happen when he realizes that it may be more hazardous then ever before?
The Marauders' Summer - lopie
44486 words / Timeline: 7th
[Drama Humor ]
Sequel to the New Marauders. Harry, Serena, and the rest of the Marauders decide it is time to get away for the summer and have a marvelous time. Living alone, will they all come out as they were before or be forever changed.
The End Of War - lopie
85440 words / Timeline: 7th
[Adventure Humor ]
Sequel to the Marauders' Summer. Harry has finally learned how to control his powers as well as helping his friends control theirs. With the war now gaining they have to make choices that move the war to its end. Their only worry is will they survive?