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Kassien - Runic Animagi
Chapter 3 - Little Whinging Part 2

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Updated: 5/25/09

Runic Animagi

Chapter 3: Little Whinging (part 2)

I spent the rest of the morning both laughing hysterically at the scene with the Dursleys, but also looking up spells to lock and ward my bedroom door so I could be sure to be left in peace. By lunchtime I decided to again go out into town for pizza, and to pick up a few other things I was hoping to buy. I mainly needed a television for the new den area in my open floor plan bedroom since the broken one of Dudley's was only a small set that could hardly be seen from the new sofa Dobby put in.

My first stop after pizza was an electronics store, where I spent a good deal of time finding the right TV and also picking out a bunch of movies and music that I knew next to nothing about. I spent well over half the wad of pounds that Dobby had gotten for me at the Electronics Store, and reminded myself to ask him to get me more for tomorrow. The small alleyway for the store's dumpsters provided me with all the cover I needed to shrink my large TV and bags of extras before pocketing them and continuing on my exploration of town.

I picked up a few more clothes from the secondhand shop I visited yesterday, and finally felt comfortable that I had fitting clothes of my own, even if they are a little worn. At least they would last me the summer and give me a few different options when going out in the muggle world. My last stop of the day was a spur of the moment decision that was partly fueled by my growing sense of independence and rebellious nature.

Vic's Tattoos & Piercings looked like most of the other shops in the area from the outside, but upon entering I realized how wrong that assumption was. For one, the store was filled with several younger and more unique people milling about and looking between the walls that were completely covered with tattoo designs and the three people sitting in various chairs getting tattoos currently done. All three tattoo artists looked much like the walls, since they were covered in their own designs everywhere skin was showing.

A whimpering yell from behind a curtain off to one side of the shop told me where the piercing artist worked, and I slowly looked through the many designs on the walls. The shop slowly started clearing out by the time I found the tattoos I wanted to get, and was approached by Vic himself, who said he would gladly do anything I wanted. We talked for a few minutes as I described what I wanted and where on my body, and he agreed to tweak the original stencils and do the work free hand to make them more specific to me.

I was still quite self conscious about taking off my shirt in public as I had seen everyone else who went do, but felt better after the ritual Dobby performed. Having grown more in height and weight definitely helped my confidence and made me appear even older than I was, but knowing the marks and scars that adorned my body was not something I was looking forward to showing to very many people. At least the store was almost empty except for the two other artists and the young men they were currently finishing on. The fates however still hate me, as the moment I removed my shirt, two girls around my age came through the back curtained off piercing area and got a good look at the many scars on my back and arms.

"Wow ...what happened to you mate?" asked Vic after the intake of breath by the two girls caused him to look at his next customer with wide and slightly surprised eyes since you rarely saw someone so young with that many scars.

"Uh ...I've been stabbed a few times," I answered bluntly, hoping they didn't ask by what since the Basilisk fang, Dragon's tail, Ritual knife, and pre-Hogwarts injuries would all be very hard to explain, "but it's all in the past."

"Sorry mate," apologized Vic sincerely, "I didn't mean to pry."

"It's alright, it's actually one of the reasons I wanted tattoos. They might cover up some of these scars or at least take the focus off of them," I answered easily enough.

"Well, at least I know you can tolerate a little pain," spoke Vic in good humor, causing me to laugh slightly at the understatement and helping relax the atmosphere even more.

"Some of those look like they were more than just a little pain," spoke the taller of the two girls, who had short bleached hair with pink dyed tips and a very pretty face even with all the metal jewelry that adorned it. She was probably about 17-18 and had an amazingly slender figure that I instantly liked, and dark brown almost black eyes that seemed even more so with her dark eye shadow that contrasted beautifully with her pale ivory colored skin. "And what about that scar on your forehead?"

"Car accident as a baby," I answered simply, using the first and only plausible excuse I could think of when staring at a girl that was so fucking hot.

"Wait, your Harry Potter," spoke up the shorter and probably younger girl, who also had quite a few piercings but wasn't nearly as attractive as the other. She did have cute brown hair with blonde dyed streaks running through it, and dark brown eyes that were looking at me accusingly. "Dudley Dursley's cousin, right?"

"Yeah," I answered slowly and skeptically, wondering if this would come back to bite me in the ass later.

"Don't you go to St. Brutus' School for Incurable Criminals?" she continued without tact, apparently not bothered to make me look like shit in front of others, such is my life.

"So, you're a bad boy?" asked the taller pink haired girl excitedly as she looked me over again, only this time with a little more care and appreciation, and I may have to actually thank the fucking Dursleys for perpetuating that ridiculous rumor about my schooling.

"That depends," I shrugged back with a slight smirk to the attractive girl causing her eyebrows to raise challengingly and giving me a gorgeous smile.

"Kate, quit flirting with my customer," interrupted Vic as he laid out his tools and had me sit down on the stool, "if you convince him to get some piercings, then you can flirt with him all you want but I need him to be quiet and sit still for the next two hours at least."

"After that I'm all yours," I added outwardly confident while utterly nervous on the inside that I was flirting back, but figured why the hell not.

"I might hold you to that," she answered with a sexy wink and smile that made my heart race excitedly and me realize that she could probably get me to pierce almost anything at this point. "You mind if I watch?"

"You won't bother us," spoke Vic with the authority of a father like figure as he glared at his piercing artist causing her to nod automatically and then when he turned away, give me another sexy wink and smile.

For the next hour, I watched in fascination as Vic inked my chest with a regal stag and beautiful lily. It didn't actually hurt, but was more like an uncomfortable scratching of my skin. The best part was the sexy looks and comments made by Kate, who watched for the whole hour and a half until it was finished and the other two tattoo artists returned. They had left shortly after Vic began to get their partying started and had brought with them a little something to share with Vic and Kate when they were finished. I quickly agreed to come back tomorrow night to get the other two tattoos I wanted, and was surprised to be invited out back to share with the employees and friends in their partying.

It turned out to be a real blessing, having passed a joint between the five of us made me infinitely more comfortable around the new people and allowed me to really relax around the attractive piercing artist. Vic asked me to come back tomorrow night at the same time so we could enjoy a smoke after finishing the rest of the work I wanted. Kate, who seemed to have the best tolerance of the group, or just didn't over indulge as the rest did, was all too happy to hear about me returning tomorrow, and planted me right on the lips with a pleasant kiss that left me as dazed as the joint had earlier.

"See you tomorrow Harry," they all chorused after locking up the store and heading in different directions, and leaving me walking home still in a daze of pot and women.

The next two days were both quite similar as I returned both afternoons to the tattoo parlor where I got first the dog and then the werewolf tattoos on my shoulders before drinking and smoking with Vic, Jim, Andrew, and Kate. Kate had also convinced me to get a few piercings, namely my ears, eyebrow, and nipples but that was probably more to do with letting her hands touch my bare chest. She even agreed to take me as her date to Jim and Andrew's party if I got my tongue pierced, although it probably wasn't a necessity to land the date it did give us more time together.

So there we were on a Saturday night, me with a swollen and now pierced tongue, and her with a triumphant smirk as we entered Jim and Andrew's flat for the long night of partying. To be honest, the tongue piercing hurt like hell, almost as much as the nipples but I refused to let it ruin my night with Kate. The biggest problem was that I could hardly speak and was just led around most of the night by Kate meeting several of her friends and just drinking and smoking enough pot to help dull the pain in my mouth.

"I hope that tongue of yours heals quickly," she spoke late in the night as we were starting to get a little frisky on the sofa. "Then we can have even more fun," she whispered seductively into my ear sending a wave of pleasure through my body before I leaned in to plant several soft kisses along her neck and collarbone as our hands returned to their glorious wanderings and explorations.

It was almost four in the morning when the party really started to wind down as most participants had since passed out. I walked Kate several blocks home, both to make sure she was safe, and also to get in a little more kissing and groping. She told me to meet her Monday at the tattoo shop since she spent her Sundays at her grandmothers in Kent and gave me a final kiss goodnight before slipping into her house's front door.

This pattern continued for the next two weeks, where we would meet up at Vic's and then go off and do our own thing usually at her place which was both closer and free of any other people. The evenings and late nights during those two weeks were the absolute best of my short life, and nothing I had done previously could prepare me for the total joy and pleasures that I experienced with Kate. We both decided after the first week that we were spending too much time together and starting to get on each other's nerves, but not enough to stop our nighttime activities. At the end of the two weeks we decided to stop dating all together, but agreed to still get together on occasion to roll around in the sack, something we both enjoyed greatly.

I also received four more tattoos over that time. Jim and Andrew gave me one each as thanks for financing many of their party favors during their parties. Jim inked me a beautiful black panther on my right calf, while Andrew in keeping with who he was gave me a pot leaf at the base of my neck which I absolutely love. He also hooked me up with enough pot to last me several months, and probably until Christmas if I didn't go crazy. The other two tattoos were matching phoenixes in flight on each of my forearms, whose heads rested in the crook of my elbow and effectively concealed the Basilisk fang scar and Pettigrew's Ritual knife scar on each arm.

The other big difference for me over those two weeks, was the afternoon studying of both runes and silent casting since I usually didn't wake until lunch time. Silent casting became a necessity in the days that followed my tongue piercing due to the swelling at first, but later with pronunciation which I still struggle with now two weeks later. The beginning study of runes was fascinating and I was eventually able to find out how to protect muggle electronics from magical disruption with a runic seal used for magic dampening and also how to run electricity with a charged runic stone. Which meant that finally today ...the 12th of July, I was able to successfully set up my entertainment center to now enjoy at my leisure.

"Harry Potter sir, Dobby has a letter from Griphook for you," spoke the happy elf returning from yet another trip to Gringotts just as I was sitting down to start my first movie.

"Thanks Dobby, when I'm done reading that do you want to watch a movie with me? I got it all set up and working," I responded gladly as I motioned to the large screen on the wall behind me before reaching out for the letter and opening it while Dobby stared at the plain glowing blue screen in awe.

Mr. Potter,

It has come to our attention at Gringotts that based on your house-elf Dobby's actions on your behalf, you are not receiving correspondences sent to you by us. For that we humbly apologize, and want to correct this oversight immediately. All letters sent to you have been ignored, but were all listed as received by you leaving us little recourse to do anything further.

As of October 31st, 1994 when your name came out of the Goblet of Fire you unwillingly or not entered a magically binding contract, you were legally declared an adult by Gringotts Law and were therefore entitled to full status as an adult wizard and Head of House Potter. With this inheritance many more options are available for you to conduct business and we would like to get the opportunity to meet and discuss those and other things. One of which is the reading of Sirius Black's Will which can take place no sooner than July 31st to give us the time required to go over the Black Estate and you to be eligible to meet the requirements within. We at Gringotts are sorry for your loss and offer our deepest regrets and apologies, Mr. Black was a fair and good wizard. When next you can get to Gringotts, only ask for me and I can help you get through all of the paperwork, the bane of every goblin's existence. May your life be measured in gold.


It took practically twenty minutes and a large joint to finally get me to settle down after reading the letter and learning even more about myself that was being kept from me. I know the only one capable was Dumbledore, who enjoys treating people like mushrooms, keep them in the dark and feed them shit. So, I was legally an adult once my name came out of the Goblet of Fire sealing a magical contract. The whole fiasco of last summer's trial for underage magic was completely irrelevant, but then again so to would Dumbledore be then. Well, I guess I need to make a trip to Gringotts on my birthday, maybe I can even get around Diagon Alley without Dumbledore or Voldemort knowing. I have plenty of time to think about it later, but right now I want to watch something on my TV and forget all about this crap for a while. Maybe my next joint I'll have to share with Dobby if he'd be interested.

Dobby and I ended up really enjoying the five James Bond movies we watched late into the night, and both feel asleep on the sofa, or passed out whichever way you look at it. Him on butterbeer and me on pot and Carlsberg which were all put away at an alarming rate for the two growing friends. I have to admit it again, Dobby is fucking brilliant and I now truly consider him one of my best and truest friends after sharing several joints together. We just bonded on an even deeper level of friendship, and I've told him more about me than anyone else, probably due to a lot of alcohol and drugs, but even more than that. I trust him as my friend, and value his friendship above almost everything else in my life right now.

Sure Hedwig is my oldest friend, but she can't respond with more than positive and negative. Ron's not much different having little emotional depth while being often times hot tempered or completely oblivious and lazy. Hermione's alright for the most part, but she just nags and mothers me so, that it pisses me off to no end. Kate is an absolute blast to fuck and fool around with, but we both like totally different things, live in completely different worlds, and it's just too difficult to get that close or involved with a muggle. It's just too complicated to explain to normal people and damn near impossible to protect one from my life.

A breeze tickling my foot woke me up to my bright sunlit room, and looking down I saw the reason and laughed. There was Dobby at the other end of the sofa using my foot as a pillow and still snoring away like a drunk teenager. My laughter and shaking caused Dobby to wake with a groan before a snap of his fingers brought him a small green potion which he downed instantly and moments later stood up fully refreshed and no longer hung-over.

"Hey, can I get some of that?" I asked pathetically as my head pounded first from laughing and now the bright light of mid day.

"Harry Potter sir not be liking house-elf blood," responded Dobby seriously, making my eyes widen in disbelief that Dobby would drink that.

"W ...w-what ...h-house-elf," I stuttered stupidly.

"Harry Potter sir is too naive when he's hung-over," laughed Dobby after I stuttered and spluttered at him for over a minute in shock, the little bugger was having a go at me. "It was just a hangover cure, Dobby will get you one."

"Oh shit ...you totally had me Dobby," I laughed in relief, both at finding out it wasn't house-elf blood, and happy that Dobby was finally loosening up and relaxing around me enough to have a little fun.

"Dobby try sir," he responded happily before snapping his fingers for another larger dose of the same green potion to appear in the air hovering in front of me.

"Thank you Dobby," I sighed in sweet relief after I downed the potion and instantly began to feel better than I had all week. "Can we get more of that?"

"Yes Harry Potter sir," answered Dobby excitedly, "Professor Snape just made a large batch."

"You got these from Snape?" I asked in wide eyed disbelief and excitement all rolled into one.

"Dobby always gets potions from Professor Snape, but he not ever knowing Dobby be doing it," he answered with a mischievous smile that had me rolling around the floor laughing myself silly.

So, for the majority of that afternoon, at least after my wake-n-bake session, Dobby systematically acquired for us an entire potions store and set of equipment from our favorite Potions Master and spy. It was fucking brilliant, and I would pay almost anything to see his face when he realizes he's missing just about everything in his supply cabinets. I'm sure in some way he will find a way to blame me, but how could I possibly do that while being a good little pawn and staying put at my muggle relatives all summer. Oh, this is going to be such a good year, but what do I have to lose.

Dobby wanted to visit Winky that evening, so I went out for pizza at my usual place and spent an enjoyable hour eating and chatting with with Steve, one of the pizza makers I had met and hung out with several times at Jim and Andrew's flat. Since it was almost closing time, I waited around and joined him afterwards for a few pints at the pub next door run by his older brother Sean. By midnight, the pub was filling up and I ran into Jenny from the movie theater and abandoned my new buddy to buy the pretty girl a drink.

A few weeks ago I never would have thought it possible, yet here I am at one thirty in the morning banging Jenny in the women's restroom of the pub. Damn she had nice tits, that uniform she has to wear does absolutely nothing for her figure, and I fucking hate condoms. At least Kate was on the pill and a much better kisser and partner. Not that I'm complaining mind you, because this is damn near perfect right now. Plus, knowing that there's a hangover potion for me at home makes it easier to let loose even more.

I said my goodbyes to Jenny and Steve after two and returned home with difficulty under my invisibility cloak, stumbling up the back steps and to my room thankfully avoiding everyone. God bless Mundungus Fletcher who guards the house from midnight to eight in the morning every night making getting home usually a breeze. I had a joint to help balance out all the drinks, and again fell asleep in front of the TV watching who knows what.

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