Harry & Daphne

Green -> Stories that have been eliminated and remain only here
Red -> Inaccesible stories (working on them)
Grey -> Stories only on their original places by request of the authors
Brown -> New stories (from last update)

The Lion Series munkeymaniac388712
A Champion's New Hope Rocag280106
Secret Friend Series munkeymaniac264777
Partners muggledad169976
Runic Animagi Kassien165539
The Betrothal Contract munkeymaniac157725
Myrddin Emrys Returns General Kenobi151109
Just lucky, I guess insomniac17141248
Discovery Potteraholic / megamatt09137499
Grass Is Always Greener kb0105606
Beginning of a New Life rlpj4102489
To Be Loved silentclock102288
Siren's Song hermyd94034
The Little Child to Lead Him BlueRosesAtMidnight81223
Double Black & Potter's Back Kaden-san80914
Marriage Contracts Clell6561973466
The Lies that Bind Zephros67491
Unexpected Changes LordAnarchy66666585
Wrong Choice The Unusual Suspect60127
The fall of the House of Potter Bobmin35646800
Prisoners Of Azkaban The Unusual Suspect28402