Living Inside Yesterday - Potter47
65251 words / Timeline: Past,6th
[Action/Adventure Angst Humor Drama]
COMPLETE! They say the truth will set you free...but do you want to be? They say that memories are the diary we all carry about with us...what a coincidence. They say that time flies...but in which direction? Part I of the Yesterday Sequence. Please review. Revised through chapter: 3. NOTE: For some reason, the revised version of chapter two did not upload when I attempted to upload it (when this story was last reported as updated) and I´ve only just now noticed the error--chapter two is now revised, as well as chapter three.
Believe In Yesterday - Potter47
65825 words / Timeline: Past,7th
[Action/Adventure Drama Humor Drama]
What if you could reach back in time and change the one event that forever altered your life? Would you do it? What would it be? Part II of the Yesterday Sequence. COMPLETE! Please review.
Yesterdays Tears - Potter47
28617 words / Timeline: Past,Future
[Action/Adventure Angst Drama General]
The new third part of the Yesterday Sequence, picking up where "Living inside Yesterday" and "Believe in Yesterday" left off. "Nobody´s supposed to change time--nobody. Don´t you see what horrible things have happened when wizards have meddled with time?" COMPLETE!