The Veil Of Mystery - semprini
401266 words / Timeline: 6th
[Adventure ] [328 Favorites, 118 Follows, 232 Reviews]

Post-OotP Reluctantly taking a leadership role in the fight against Voldemort, urging others to ´say the name', Harry tries to learn how he can use his 'power the Dark Lord knows not' to fulfill the prophecy as he becomes his enemy´s biggest target.

The Ring Of Reduction - semprini
473064 words / Timeline: 7th
[Adventure ] [162 Favorites, 60 Follows, 103 Reviews]

Sequel to Harry Potter and the Veil of Mystery. Feeling a great sense of responsibility for those who die helping him, Harry tries to master his 'power the Dark Lord knows not' as he heads for a final showdown with Voldemort.

Phoenix Intuition - semprini
236786 words / Timeline: Future
[Adventure ] [77 Favorites, 29 Follows, 34 Reviews]

Sequel to Harry Potter and the Ring of Reduction. A man who lost family to Voldemort blames many; he seeks to punish Harry and his friends as well as cause chaos in both the wizarding and Muggle worlds, threatening exposure of the wizarding world.

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