Summer Of The Serpent - SSHENRY
44766 words / Timeline: 2nd
[Angst Humor Drama ] [0 Favorites, 6542 Follows, 102 Reviews]

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SS POTTER! - - - Ginny Weasley survived the Chamber of Secrets, but will she survive the summer suprises and discovery that follows? This is the first in a series. Other works from the world of SS POTTER include LIFE IS BUT A DREAM, TOWARDS TOMORROW and TODAY THE TEMPEST. This story is a dark, fiction and is a prequel to Towards Tomorrow (also being posted on this site)

The Forgotten Girl - SSHENRY
170566 words / Timeline: 3rd
[Drama Humor Drama ] [0 Favorites, 0 Follows, 0 Reviews]

Ginny Weasley survived the Chamber of Secrets and the summer of revelation and discovery that followed, but how will she deal with her newfound powers?

Life Is But A Dream - SSHENRY
4277 words / Timeline: 5th
[Humor Drama Drama ] [0 Favorites, 0 Follows, 24 Reviews]

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SSPOTTER! - - -This story is the third in a series and is a prelude to TOWARDS TOMORROW. . .What was the REAL reason that Harry didn´t want to get off the train at the end of OotP? There is nothing in cannon to suggest that this actually happened, but it COULD have, and that is all that matters. One shot.

Towards Tomorrow - SSHENRY
247217 words / Timeline: 6th
[Drama Drama Drama ] [0 Favorites, 7195 Follows, 360 Reviews]

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SSPOTTER! - - -Harry´s back at the Dursley´s and is hearing voices that have nothing to do with Voldemort. Hermione spent the Summer with Krum, but will that be enough to spur Ron into telling her how he really feels? And what secrets is Ginny hiding? A sixth year fic for all your favorite characters with HP/GW and RW/Hg pairings, this story is FIFTH in a series. SUMMER OF THE SERPENT, THE FORGOTTEN GIRL and LIFE IS BUT A DREAM are all posted on this site as well. THIS STORY IS NOW html CODED!(yipee!)

Today The Tempest - SSHENRY
261810 words / Timeline: 7th
[Drama Drama Drama ] [0 Favorites, 6160 Follows, 692 Reviews]

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF SSPOTTER! - - - Voldemort´s powers are increasing, but so are Harry´s. The final confrontation draws ever closer in this seventh year fiction featuring all your favorite characters. TODAY THE TEMPEST is a sequel to TOWARDS TOMORROW (also posted on this site). It is highly reccomended that you have read TOWARDS TOMORROW before reading this fic.

The Revenge Of The Lime Green Bowle - SSHENRY
51728 words / Timeline: Future
[Drama Drama Drama ] [0 Favorites, 3069 Follows, 141 Reviews]

Voldemort is dead, but evil never truly dies. Plenty of challenges await Harry, Ginny and all of those who survived the final battle. A Post-Hogwarts fic that brings together all your favorite characters in as they attempt to rebuild their world. FACING FUTURE is the 6th stroy in the world of S.S. Potter. It is highly reccomended that you at least have read TOWARDS TOMORROW and TODAY THE TEMPEST before reading this fic.

Underhill - SSHENRY
14482 words / Timeline: Future
[Action/Adventure Drama Drama ] [0 Favorites, 3099 Follows, 73 Reviews]

Voldemort may be gone but evil never dies. Only Ginny can unravel the tangle of hatred and decit that has brought the Order of the Phoenix to its knees. But she is running out of time, for when one goes Underhill, one´s magic doesn´t work and nothing is as it seems. NOTE! This story is a direct sequel to Facing Future 1: The Revenge Of The Lime-Green Bowler Hat.

Timepiece - SSHENRY
6704 words / Timeline: Future
[Drama Drama Drama ] [0 Favorites, 0 Follows, 38 Reviews]

Voldemort is gone - or is he? Is it possible for the Dark Lord to reach into the future and play the ultimate mind trick on The Boy Who Lived? * * * Thank you to all those who have been reading, this is the final planned story for the S.S. Potter Series, it has been a pleasure!

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